PRIDE is for EVERYONE: The Bumrungrad PRIDE Clinic Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Recently, Bumrungrad International Hospital concluded PRIDE month with a celebratory event titled, “Pride is for Everyone 2nd Anniversary”, which was also held to mark the Bumrungrad PRIDE Clinic’s 2nd anniversary and thank its supporters. The joyous event was held at the Gaysorn Urban Resort in Bangkok on June 29th, 2023.

Prominent guests and celebrities graced the event with their attendance, along with Bumrungrad’s management and medical teams. Napas Paorohitya, Chief Marketing Officer of Bumrungrad International Hospital, gave a warm welcome speech to kick off the event. In her speech, she elaborated on the Pride Clinic’s expertise and its representation of Bumrungrad’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Participants enjoyed a memorable evening of cabaret and drag show performances, as well as mini-concerts from top Thai musical artists including Ice Sarunyu and Aof Pongsak.

Over the past 2 years, the Pride Clinic has had a positive impact. Their services, since opening, have expanded to respond to a broader demand.
The Pride Clinic aims to be a place where everyone can become the best version of themselves.
PRIDE is for EVERYONE! Be the Best Version of Yourself!

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